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Rahyz Cary Fitness was founded in Cary, NC in 2012 and lead the Parkour program at two local gyms;  Superior Gymnastics in Morrisville, and founded the program at Triumph Gymnastics in Cary, NC. Rahyz Cary Fitness Founder Jay James has worked for world famous Parkour gyms such as American Parkour and the Tempest Freerunning Academy and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Group classes and private lessons are taught around the area at local outdoor training locations and in gyms. Please contact us for more details at



Performances are a fun and exciting way to brighten up your event, party, or venue! We love doing live Performance and demonstrations. If this is something your interested in please contact us for more details. Please Contact us for more details at


Acting, Stunt-work, Modeling - you name it, we bring it to your set! Get Rahyz involved in your project and reap the extraordinary benefits! Please Contact us for more details at

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"Jay is excellent at explaining the physicality and mechanics of parkour movements to a young audience. My 8 year old son really responds to him and idolizes him. He's been a student of Jay for about 3 years now, and has become a part of our family. Not only does Jay teach my son the physical aspects of parkour, but also the philosophies and morals surrounding parkour. Jay works very well with his students, and he seems to genuinely enjoy coaching. Jay is very humble yet confident and he brings that into his coaching, as well. We would highly recommend Jay to any student of any age interested in learning more about parkour."
   - Ken Richards 

" Brings excitment, motivation and enthusiasm. Never a dull moment Jay encourages you to overcome your obstacles while lending a helping hand.You will defintaly learn more about yourself while trianing with jay."

Ed Poole - BBOY and RTParkour Traceur

" Jay coached me on my back tuck he was able to see what things I was doing wrong and he was able to quickly come up with exercises drills to fix my back tuck"

Jenna Hoose- Private Lesson Student