American Parkour

Representing American Parkour on the Back Cover


Made history while working with Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya on The Greatest Showman Live Trailer. The first live movie trailer in history.


Working with my good friend Zen Shimada to create his latest Team Farang video.

Became a Comicbook Character

Became a character in Ian Eyre's Parkour comic book, 'Smash and Run'. Order your copy at

Nerf Commercial
Autographing Comic Books
New Electric Guitar
Street Performance
Working at Warner Bros Studios
Working on 'Shameless' Season 8
Rahyz Cary Fitness
WRAL News Story

Second time on WRAL News Raleigh

Carpenter Elementary FamilyFun Night

Obstacle course time trials and prizes!

Saturday class at the NC Museum of Art

Saturday Class

Saturday Class NC State University

"8mon" Atman. Star Student

Rahyz Jam
Rahyz Jam
Rahyz Jam

Sponsored Trip - Beast Coast summer 2016 with Sarah When I got back my physical therapist asked me what was new. I started jumping from building to building again, I replied. My repaired ACL was strong enough by summer as I had anticipated. What mattered most to me at this time, was simply being able to run care free in the sun when the summer hit. Goal Achieved.

Rahyz Cary Fitness Jam 2 HQ

Traceur and Traceuse Gathering

Father & Son Training
Phosky of GUP

Phosky of GUP Washington DC

Rilla Hops & Bob Reese

Rilla Hops & Bob Reese Tampa, Florida

Rahyz Cary Fitness Jam One

Rahyz Cary Fitness Jam One. Students and friends.

RTParkour HQ

Rahyz Jay, making a huge precision jump that he'd been working up to for over a year!

Japan's best Traceurs

Training with Zen Shimada, Jumpei Yakuwa, and Yutaka Kuwahara at Nishi Rokugo Koen in Tokyo, Japan.

Met Team Farang

Joshua Penamata grabbing a picture with Team Farang.

American Parkour Derby Eve

Jay, flew out to Kentucky with the Tribe and fellow APK ambassadors to perform live at the Hermitage Grand Gala!

Rahyz Jay
Dream Accomplished

" On the flights to LA, I always come up with a few different goals to pursue while I'm in the area. This was one of them." - Jay

Hermitage Grand Gala

American Parkour Live Performance at the Hermitage Grand Gala 2015

Intermediate Parkour Class

Intermediate Student Happy, making a huge precision jump!

Martial arts Photoshoot
Intermediate Parkour Class

Intermediate student Matt, practicing his round-off back tuck!

Training at Tempest
Playing around on the Beach

Student Spot Light

Atman aka "8Mon"

I love training with this little guy. He trains hard, always does his best, and is really happy and playful.  He has memorized the philosophy of the Traceur and likes to remind me to never stop playing. :D