The bird that became a dragon.


Rahyz Cary Fitness provides the following services: Training, Group Classes, Private Lessons, Demonstrations, Performances,  Acting, Stunt Work, Modeling, Fashion Design, Parties, and Events
We do this to stay strong, stay young, and stay imaginative. We train so that we can fight for what's right while being strong and useful. We train to push the limits of the human mind, body, and spirit; To better ourselves, discover, and fully experience the world around us. To truly live life to the fullest.
The Rahyz emblem represents a 'Legendary Spirit'; a spirit that can take any shape or form.
Wear this symbol and be legendary with what you do.
In school or at work, in your relationships, your training, and in the pursuit of your dreams.
Whatever it is that YOU do, do it at a legendary level.
Determination, Strength, Imagination, Skill, Discovery, Movement, Freedom, and Creativity. Teaching classes, Volunteer work, and Demonstrating the techniques of our Disciplines. Coaching, Performance, Television, Demonstrations, Film.

Founded March 2012