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Jay James

Representation: DDO Artists Agency Los Angeles

Sponsored by American Parkour:

Martial artist - Parkour athlete - (SAG Eligible) Actor - Stuntman - Model - Guitarist - Singer - Song writer

Co-Starring on the TV Series The Toppa Fairu in Tokyo, Japan

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Jay James - The Rahyz Collection

Jay James :


Rahyz Cary Fitness Founder/Owner/Professional Athlete

Immortality Projects Music/Founder/Owner

World Chase Tag USA 2020 Professional Athlete


American Parkour Sponsored Athlete

EarthNutri Ambassador

One Ocean Diving Global Ambassador

Former Tempest Freerunning Academy Parkour Instructor

Former Joining All Movement Parkour Instructor


Former Director of Parkour at Triumph Gymnastics


Former Head Parkour Instructor at Superior Gymnastics


Rtparkour organizer


Trained with Zen Shimada for two weeks in Tokyo Japan.


Performed at the Hermitage Grand Gala for the Kentucky derby with American Parkour's Pro Team. American Parkour is the first Parkour gym ever created.


Ambassador of the worlds first ever Parkour gym, American Parkour.


The Tempest Games Parkour Competition Finalist.


Beast Coast Fast Contest Participant.


Training in various cities around the world.

American Parkour
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